Infinity 2500 Hybrid 14 Inch Plush Mattress

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Size: Twin 33" x 75"
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Introducing the epitome of plush luxury and unparalleled comfort: the 14-inch Infinity 2500 Hybrid Plush Mattress. Crafted with precision engineering and premium materials, this mattress is designed to provide an indulgent sleep experience like no other.

At its surface lies a naturally cool knit cover, engineered to provide a refreshing sleep surface that remains cool and comfortable throughout the night. Say goodbye to overheating and hello to uninterrupted, restful sleep.

Beneath the cooling cover, you'll discover two gel memory foam quilt layers. These layers offer initial cushioning and support while providing a cool and breathable sleep surface. Sink into a cloud of comfort as the gel-infused memory foam contours to your body's natural curves, relieving pressure points and promoting deep, restorative sleep.

Continuing through the layers, you'll encounter a plush foam quilt layer followed by a serene foam layer. These layers add an extra touch of softness and cushioning, enveloping you in luxurious comfort as you drift off into a peaceful slumber.

Nestled within the mattress is a layer of 1722 nano coils, meticulously engineered to provide targeted support and contouring to your body's unique shape. These coils adapt to your movements throughout the night, offering personalized support where you need it most.

Adding to the plushness is the plush foam transition layer, which provides additional cushioning and support between the softer comfort layers above and the supportive layers below. This layer ensures a smooth transition and helps minimize motion transfer, allowing you to enjoy undisturbed sleep.

At the foundation of the mattress lies a support foam layer with 898 perimeter edge pocketed coils. This layer provides sturdy support and stability, ensuring proper spinal alignment and minimizing sagging over time. The perimeter edge pocketed coils offer reinforced support along the edges of the mattress, allowing you to utilize the full surface area of the bed with confidence.

Experience the ultimate in plush comfort and support with the Infinity 2500 Hybrid Plush Mattress. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to the deep, rejuvenating sleep you deserve.

15 Year Limited Warranty

This product is only available in the Nashville TN market. 


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