Vitality 13 Inch Anniversary Pillow Top Mattress

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Size: Twin 33" x 75"
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Experience unparalleled comfort and support with the Vitality 13-inch Anniversary Pillow Top Mattress, boasting a naturally cool knit cover for a refreshing night's sleep. Crafted with precision, this mattress is designed to elevate your sleeping experience to new heights.

The medium foam transition layer offers an additional layer of plush comfort, creating an indulgent sensation as you rest. Enhanced airflow is facilitated by the breathable fiber layer, ensuring a cooler sleeping surface throughout the night. Say goodbye to surface temperature fluctuations, as the naturally cooling knit cover regulates heat, providing a soothing environment for your slumber.

Worry not about allergens, as the hypoallergenic properties of the knit cover ensure a clean and safe sleeping environment. Pressure relief is maximized with the plush quilt foam, catering to sensitive areas and promoting comfort for uninterrupted sleep.

Engineered for durability and stability, the six-sided foam encasement increases the sleeping surface by up to 20%, preventing the dreaded "roll-off" feeling. Transition layers seamlessly integrate with the 825 tri-zone, individually-wrapped pocket coils, providing targeted support and stability where you need it most.

Experience minimal motion transfer, improved airflow, and reduced pressure points, thanks to the innovative coil system and foam encasement. Transform your nights into a rejuvenating experience with the Vitality 13-inch Anniversary Pillow Top Mattress, where every night is a celebration of comfort and restfulness.

10 Year Limited Warranty

This product is only available in the Nashville TN market. 


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