Comfort N Motion Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base
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Comfort N Motion Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base

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  • Item #: SS2733XL
  • Manufacturer: W Silver
  • Condition: New
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Comfort N Motion Twin XL Adjustable Bed Base    

Why an Adjustable Bed?

A Silver Series Adjustable Bed from W. Silver Products will adjust slowly and quietly into your the desired position.  With one touch of your finger you can navigate your way to complete relaxation and rest like never before, elevate the head or your feet and legs to your unique position reaching maximum comfort sleeping throughout the night.  Our adjustable beds will enhance your lifestyle and quickly become your favorite locations to relax and watch TV, listen to music, read a book, or surf the internet on your tablet.

WSP Adjustable Beds are designed to create a variety of relaxing and restful positions.   Recline, Incline, and Decline until your hearts content, providing a customized sleep or rest solutions uniquely designed for you, by you.

Sleep Ergonomically

A primary benefit of an adjustable bed is to allow your body to sleep in an ergonomically correct position aligning with the natural curvature of the spine.  A healthy posture during sleep helps to eliminate problems and promote proper Sleep ergonomics.  Our sleep posture is important to a healthy lifestyle.  An adjustable bed gives you the ultimate control of your body during sleep.

The S-shape curvature of our spines and the curves of our legs are not fully supported by a flat mattress, and our muscles remain tense as they work to support the body.  Creating a curved sleep position matched to our bodies relieves this stress and allows us to fully relax and rejuvenate during sleep.

What is Good Sleep?

Sleep is a vital component to a healthy lifestyle, you should wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready for your day. Sleep affects how you look, feel, and perform throughout the day.  Wake refreshed with one of WSP’s Adjustable Beds.

Using our Adjustable beds promotes healthy sleep by elevating your head you are able to better reduce stress on your heart, snoring, and sleep apnea.  Elevating the head during sleep also helps with the reduction of acid reflux and heartburn for better digestion.  Also alleviate neck and shoulder tension, headaches, and congestion.   And improve oxygen intake to your bloodstream.  All of these benefits come as a result from choosing to sleep and relax on a Comfort-n-Motion adjustable bed.


  • Full range head and foot
  • Wireless 6 button back lit remote
  • Battery backup
  • Solid deck construction
  • ISO certified steel produced from us railroad tracks
  • Fits within most standard beds
  • Weight Capacity Twin XL 450LBS, Full 500 lbs, Queen 600 lbs, Split King 900 lbs, Single King 600 lbs
  • Made In USA  

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